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  • Grieg Foundation

    ørkenGrieg Foundation contributes substantial amounts to a wide range of activities. Many of the projects Grieg Foundation supports are in the intersection between youth work and culture work. Other contributions are given towards health, research and other benevolent projects mainly in Western Norway. Read more about the different aeras where we contribute:
  • Children and Youth

    karusell1The main focus in the Grieg Foundation’s contribution relates to support and education of children and young people on a global basis. We are one of the main sponsors of SOS children. Grieg Foundation have also supported building of schools in China, Africa and lately at Madagascar, Scholarships for students at the United World College in Costa Rica and the Pestalozzi College in England.
  • Other activities

    karusell2SOS Children Villages Program- "Equal opportunities for girls, boys, women and men, by reducing gender barriers in the communities" Gender equality are among the most important priorities of the Grieg Gender challenge as equality is not just a right in itself, but is instrumental in achieving economic growth and poverty reduction. Read more  
  • Research

    Davichi Grieg Foundation support Medical and environmental projects. At Haukeland Hospital, Bergen, the Foundation supports several medical research program, i.e. cancer and heart diseases. Abroad we support eye surgery in Moldova, fistula pregnancies through The Ethiopia Fund among others. We also have projects like Sahara Forest Project  
  • Cultural activities

    karusell-3 Grieg Foundation also supports cultural activity with the main emphasis on music and operas. Our so far largest single project is Oseana, the new cultural center at Os outside of Bergen. Read more about the different areas in Grieg Foundation annual reports
Grieg FoundationChildren and YouthOther activitiesResearchCultural activities

What matters  are the footprints we leave as we go along. Footprints that in fact gives people less fortunate than us, an opportunity to develop and move on in their lives.

- Per Grieg sr.